Wednesday 9 January 2013

BIM - Pipeline for Growth Report

Just before Christmas the Government published a "Pipeline for Growth" report around BIM - it has been written to indicate where the Government thinks future opportunities lie for organisations within the UK construction industry.

The full report may be downloaded for free on the BIM Task Group website:

The essence of the report is that BIM will enable those at the leading-edge to really make a mark world-wide. The Government would clearly like this to be UK companies leading the way internationally. By developing these capabilities, global opportunities can be maximised and we can become an major supplier of BIM services and software.

A three point action plan is outlined:
  1. Fully commit to the current UK Government BIM programme
    The report gives an overview of the progress against the current UK strategy with progress and examples from those involved at a central and local Government level.
  2. Aim for growth
    There a number of recommendations here, I summarise them below:
    (a) Target international opportunities
    (b) Engage with the EU - in particular to help shape standards and practice
    (c) Encourage software and technology innovation at home in the UK around BIM
    (d) To work with the trade bodies to ensure that construction manufacturers can supply BIM information to the industry
    (e) Develop more "Build of Site" capabilities
    (f) Get the full benefit of BIM during the operation phase
    (g) Enhance the Government webs portals to allow a BIM way of working
  3. Create the future through continuing to develop ability
    (a) The "Build Digital Britain" vision - what is level three BIM and how can we make it happen in the UK?
    (b) Collect BIM project data, analyse it and learn from it for the next projects
    (c) Smart communities and future cities - the build environment and IT devices working together
It's interesting to reflect on the section on growth opportunities looking inwards. At NBS, we are innovating through content and software development around BIM, looking at international opportunities, supporting manufacturers on their BIM journey and investigating FM. So we maybe tick three or four of the seven boxes that the Government list.

Patrick MacLeamy
Throughout the report there are also many comments from well-respected thought-leaders in the BIM community. So much good stuff here - but if I was to pick a quite, I'll choose Patrick MacLeamy CEO of HOK...
"The UK programme based on the BIS BIM Strategy is currently the most ambitious and advanced centrally driven programme in the world. The UK has a window of opportunity to capitalise on the success of its domestic programme and to take on a global leadership role in BIM exploitation, BIM service provision and BIM standards development.   In taking on the role it will greatly enhance the global image of UK designers, contractors and product manufactures which in turn will translate into winning new work, growth opportunities and increased employment."
It's a 25 page publication - so I'd strongly recommend reading it and not just glancing through this blog post...

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