Thursday 24 October 2013

NBS plug-in for Vectorworks 2014

We are absolutely delighted to have another plug-in for a leading international BIM design tool now released.

At the Vectorworks 2014 road shows over recent weeks the NBS Annotator Link tool has been getting some great feedback. We now have free tools available for three of the leading BIM design tools (ArchiCAD, Revit and Vectorworks) and this is super news for users of the NBS Domestic, NBS Scheduler, NBS Building and NBS Create specification systems.

The software development was a joint effort from the R+D team at NBS that developed the NBS API and then the Vectorworks UK team that did "the magic" at their end to join both packages together. Some screenshots below...
Launched at the Vectorworks 2014 road shows
The Annotator window allows the user to pick from clauses in the project specification
An integrated NBS toolbar within Vectorworks
The specification may be launched from within Vectorworks and then modified
The user is then notified of any modified or removed annotations
The annotations on the drawings are then updated from the modified specification without the need for manual typing
NBS subscribers can access the technical guidance and links to standards and regulations
Technical information from over 20,000 construction products may be browsed from within Vectorworks
Many thanks to Martyn from Vectorworks for all of his support with both our NBS National BIM Library developments and also now for making this plug-in happen. Vectorworks users that would like this plug-in should go through their normal Vectorworks support channels.

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