Tuesday 24 December 2013

The seven most popular blog posts of the year

From the site analytics, the seven most popular posts of the year on this blog were...

7th place - National BIM Report 2013
The third annual national report into BIM attitudes in the UK from NBS received fantastic recognition again this year. The short overview at the above URL was the 7th most popular post on this blog.
Where the UK is at with BIM
6th place - The RIBA Plan of Work 2013
In 6th place was a summary of the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 from May this year...
The RIBA Plan of Work 2013
5th place - BIM Task Group - Labs Area - Overview
My overview of the BIM Task Group (BTG) Labs Area was featured in the BTG e-newsletter helping it get one or two views.
IFC does school classrooms
4th place - BIM Objects from Manufacturers
At the end of 2013, the NBS National BIM Library is filling up with manufacturers so fast they can barely fit on one screenshot. This post about the first three or four manufacturers (from January) comes in at 4th place.
Lots of great generic and manufacturer BIM content
3rd place - 7 great new features in the NBS for Autodesk Revit plug-in
The new features within our NBS plug-in for Autodesk Revit seemed to go down well for our users that use both NBS and Revit. Generating an outline specification, dragging and dropping objects from the library and reporting on information to ensure it is coordinated were some of the main features.
Synchronise model and specification
2nd place - BIM and LOD
How information develops through the project time line. What the client requirements for information are. How the project team delivers against these information requirements. These are some of the most discussed topics within BIM. This blog post on 'Level of development', 'Level of information', 'Level of detail' was the 2nd most viewed in 2013.

1st place - The National BIM Library Promotional Video
My blog post on our 'What is BIM?' promotional video received the most views. Watch the video below...

..and I think I agree with the tweet below... :)

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