Friday 14 February 2014

The NBS International BIM Report 2013

The first ever NBS International BIM Report is now available to download for free from our website:

At NBS we are in the process of putting together our fourth annual national BIM report for the UK. However, this report pulls together BIM trends from Finland, New Zealand and Canada based on exactly the same questions asked in 2013.

As members of the International Construction Information Society ( we have worked with other partner organisations to put this survey together. The intention is to do the same each year with the number of countries growing.

Please download the report to see the findings and the analysis. An example finding is shown below.
And some words from Adrian Malleson our Head of Research, Analysis and Forecasting,
"...we lack impartial, reliable data about the state of BIM in different countries and continents. 
We are also unclear on the future of international BIM. This report is a first step towards providing that clarity. In it we examine attitudes towards BIM  across countries to see how each compares. We uncover adoption rates, beliefs about the future of BIM, as well as attitudes towards BIM"


  1. Thank you for posting this and thus making me aware of this interesting survey!
    Reading through it I noticed that there were next to the comparison of the findings also separate statements for New Zealand and for Canada. The UK was missing due to the fact that the UK survey will be published separately, but what about Finland?
    I was also wondering if it was possible to see the survey template? Would it be an idea to publish those with the results as a supplement?
    Thank you very much for your answers!
    Konrad Stuhlmacher

  2. Konrad, I'll pass your comments to our Market Research Team.

    This international survey is hopefully just a toe in the water. Fingers crossed, it'll be far more comprehensive in terms of numbers of coverage in 12 months time.