Monday 22 September 2014

The BIM Toolkit

In January this year there were a set of three workshops in London where the brief and functional specification were defined to create a free-to-use BIM Toolkit for the UK that would complete the "level-2" BIM package.

Throughout the year, I have posted everything in the public domain about this project at the post below:

Today it was announced that Team NBS had been successful in winning this project. As the NBS project lead on this, I write this blog to tell a little more about our journey so far.

Some photographs from these initial workshops...
Brain storming requirements, listening to the BIM Task Group and sketch designs put together in a pub in Kings Cross
Following this, in May this year we were fortunate enough to be one of three teams to receive funding for the feasibility study. As part of this initial work, we put our ideas past a number of focus groups to help refine our proposals.
Focus group, focus group, focus group, proposals and careful analysis of the feedback
...and finally this week, following our feasibility report and phase-2 application, it has been announced that we have been successful in winning the main contract. To find about more about our proposals, please jump across to our main web-portal for this project to watch the video we put together as part of our feasibility study.
Watch the video
Some quotes from this video...

"I think, with this information available, we'll have a clear target for building design and delivery and what this will do is enforce an inter-disciplinary rigour which doesn't exist at present."
Alistair Kell, BDP

"It means two main things; clarity and consistency. Clarity in the sense that we are improving the assurance of delivery and removing ambiguity and making it clear the levels of detail and the levels of information required at every stage... Consistency in the sense that it will mean the end for bespoke BIM protocols across different organisations."
Adam Lamping, Laing O'Rourke

"I think it's clear at the moment that most people are working in a PC based closed environment... we've got to move the technology platforms on to be more open and also more data centric. I think what we are doing here in this project is laying the foundations for people to start building the level-3 type processes that don't exist in the industry at the moment."
Professor Steve Lockley, BIM Academy

"How do we solve the problems that construction has got in moving from analogue systems into a digital world? We have demonstrated that we have a plan and we can support the Government in delivering their objectives."
Richard Waterhouse, NBS

When announcing the news today David Philp, Head of BIM with the UK BIM Task Group commented that "the completion of the Digital Plan of Works (DPow) and Classification System will not only complete the Level 2 BIM suite but help drive the take-up of BIM, support exploitation of the standards and ensure that the UK remains at the vanguard of a digital transformation in the built environment."

Keep an eye on the following places for news as this project develops:

And finally, a special final mention and thank you to our core team members:
The team

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