Friday 22 May 2015

The BIM Toolkit in ten minutes

In terms of support in introducing the BIM Toolkit, we launched with a 90 second video and also an in-depth support area with 10,000+ words and a one hour launch video.

What I heard a number of times from industry is that they wanted some support material 'somewhere in-between'. Enough to introduce the concepts, but in no more than ten minutes.

In response, I've put together a short Powerpoint that has a slide for each of the main ten concepts. It can be downloaded and used by anyone introducing the BIM Toolkit. For example, at NBS we have lunchtime 'knowledge sharing' sessions where someone will present a new idea to a room full of colleagues. This is what this presentation is meant for.
A slide for each of the ten main concepts
The ten main concepts covered are:
  1. The UK Government level-2 BIM strategy
  2. Classification in a BIM world
  3. LOI - Level of Information
  4. LOD - Level of Detail
  5. PAS 1192:2 - The BIM process
  6. Employer's Information Requirements
  7. Managing information development through the timeline
  8. How the tool will continue to be free to end-users
  9. BS 1192:4 - COBie
  10. Verification of information
Each slide has...

1. An illustration of key concepts...
Visual slides - lots of illustrations - not many words
2. Supporting notes...
The words are included in the notes area - 3 key points for most slides
3. Hyperlinks to in-depth technical articles for those wanting to know more on any of the concepts...
Each slide has a hyperlink that the user may follow to find out more

It should be noted that this is very much focused around the BIM Toolkit aspects of level-2 BIM - for learning material around the wider level-2 BIM concepts - please visit the UK Government's BIM Task Group website -

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