Friday 8 April 2016

An introduction to NBS Create - Video

As part of the development of our new website we wanted to produce a video that introduces the NBS Create specification system in three minutes. This comes hot on the heels of the NBS BIM workflow video I blogged about in March.

This video may now be viewed below:

As with the previous BIM video, again this video introduces the product through telling the story of our own building project and uses NBS colleagues within the movie.
At NBS, our technical authors work together to ensure the quality and structure of the NBS content
This content is then used by thousands of constructional professionals on thousands of projects across the UK
The structure of this content allows for innovative functionality where specifications can be developed from outline to full throughout the project timeline - functionality also connects the specification to relevant standards and manufacturers
The video moves through our new office building looking at specifications from the different disciplines
Where each member of the project team subscribes, the final documentation is consistent across all disciplines
Project teams can strengthen the NBS Create system by capturing their office knowledge within it
The specification must be coordinated with the drawings and schedules - the connectivity within a BIM environment give big efficiency benefits here
...and the video ends as it started with a focus on the NBS people - in this case the support that is provided to customers as part of their subscription
To find out more about NBS Create - please see:

Thanks to chartered architects JDDK who have led the building project and are pictured in the video

Thanks also (again) to Soluis who partnered with us to produce the video.

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