Tuesday 17 May 2016

Newcastle Castle

I've lived near to Newcastle all of my life and I have never been the actual castle before. ...until last weekend.

Some photographs below...
Cut away sketch of how the castle originally looked
Lovely ceiling on the entrance hall
1000 year old door still looking in decent shape
Cross bow as seen on telly used by Mr T Lannister
A criss-cross of staircases and doorways
They built a railway line right through the middle of the keep and the gate house!
Looking north west you see our NBS building and also St James (click for bigger picture)
Zoomed in
Looking south east you see the Millennium Bridge, The Baltic, The Sage and the Tyne Bridge  (click for bigger picture)
The Great Hall from above
The logos of the construction companies who built the castle
Looks like 'project stair case' ran out of money before completion
A 30 meter well inside the castle
If you are interested in visiting or knowing more about the history please see the links below...

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