Tuesday 1 November 2016

The Mining Institute

Today I was fortunate enough to have a tour of the North of England Mining Institute in Newcastle City Centre.

Two hundred years ago, the North East led the way in terms of engineering techniques around deep mining. In this building the lead engineers from collieries around the UK came together and shared knowledge so that the UK were world leaders in mining and so that safety and efficiency could be continuously improved.

Some photographs and links to further information below...
As featured in the RIBA love architecture series
The Neville Hall Library
"I advise and protect"

Marble statue of ex-chairman Nicholas Wood

Fantastic carvings and details everywhere
The historic steep sided lecture theatre - inspired the room in London's Royal Institution
Stuff lying about in the storage rooms - like a 200 year old map of Newcastle
If you are ever in Newcastle - I can recommend planning a visit.

Visit their website - https://mininginstitute.org.uk
Check out the Wikipedia page - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_of_England_Institute_of_Mining_and_Mechanical_Engineers

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