Tuesday 20 October 2020

Our NBS digital platforms

We needed a 60s video that communicated the NBS story in 60 seconds.

It was fantastic to work with Soluis to put this together in just a few weeks before our Construction Leaders' Conference. Watch it below...

Breaking the video down shot-by-shot...

The built environment can be represented by objects with associated data

New technologies are changing the construction industry

NBS platforms are now being used around the world

Teams now work collaboratively using cloud-based platforms

3D models provide a window into structured data held in the cloud

Products that meet specification requirements can also be queried on the cloud

Products that meet the requirements can be specified

Finally, the specification should develop as the building is built - the decisions verified

A fantastic outcome is achieved

Personally speaking, what I like about this video is that it features the same architectural practice that featured in our very first software promo video back in 1990, FaulknerBrowns.

Back in 1990 the move from typewriter and drawing board to PCs had just started. The video below shows architects at FaulknerBrowns working on NBS Specification Manager 3.0 to specify developments on Newcastle Quayside. Our new video again shows a step change in technology to lower risks and improve efficiencies. Great to look at both 30 years apart.

Find out more about both NBS Chorus and NBS Source below:

Also, finish with a big shout out to Soluis:

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