Monday 14 June 2021

Podcast interview with Richard Waterhouse NBS

I can definitely recommend the latest NBS podcast. My colleague Paul Swaddle does a tremendous job asking the interesting questions and listening to Richard Waterhouse talk about the industry's digital construction journey.

Over my 20+ years at NBS, I've worked really closely with Richard on many projects/developments - so it was really nice to sit back and listen to the interview.

Topics covered...

  1. Golden thread
  2. Sustainability
  3. Transforming a paper publishing business into a SaaS business
  4. 1970 and the need for national building specification
  5. Business leadership
  6. The UK's role in the BIM journey so far
  7. Digital twins

Well worth a listen.

Finishing note: whilst search for the podcast on youtube, the following video popped up. This is from 2014 when we won a double at the CN Awards for restructuring our specification content library and launching our BIM library. Remember videoing this back stage on my mobile phone - a nice record of a landmark in our NBS journey.

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