Saturday 31 July 2021

Uniclass 2015 to CAWS system and product mappings/relationships spreadsheet

 A few folk on social media have been asking if there are any mappings available between Uniclass 2015 and CAWS.

A spreadsheet with a number of relationships (not necessarily perfect 'mappings') can be downloaded from the link below:

The blog post below describes a bit more where this data comes from and why these sort of relationships will never be one-to-one (unfortunately):

Introduction from the first worksheet in spreadsheet copied and pasted below. A couple of screenshots further down too.

V1.0 - Generated 15th June 2021


1. This set of Uniclass 2015 to CAWS relationships was produced by looping through all of the manufacturer systems and products listed in the NBS Source platform.

2. As manufacturer product listings in NBS Source are positioned against a primary Uniclass 2015 classification and CAWS clauses then it is possible to report on each of these relationships.

3. If a system or product classification does not have a manufacturer listing in NBS Source then no relationship is provided.

For example, there is no Pr_60_60_08_59 Oil-fired steel shell boilers products in NBS Source - so there is no relationship provided for this item.

4. Only systems and products are considered as part of this automated routine - so NBS clause content for preliminaries, system performance, execution or system completion is out of scope.

5. Disclaimer - This spreadsheet is meant as a free download to help inform industry - it should be considered 'beta' and the data should be tested before using. Feedback is welcome.


Use the filters to get to the information you want (nearly 15,000 rows of info!)

Once filtered the relationships can be bettered focused in on

...and to find out more about NBS Source, feel free to have a read through this article:

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