Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Paul Morrell talks to NBS about BIM

As part of the NBS BIM Roundtable discussions we interviewed Paul Morrel the Chief Construction Advisor.

Watch the video above to hear his comments:
  • A £50 million benchmark would “defeat the point” of pushing for bim adoption.
  • “To restrict it to big projects means it is only about major players and that rather defeats the point,” “We’re looking at whether there’s a lower limit.. and I think that’s south of £5 million. It’s a lot, lot less than £50 million.”
  • “If you think this is a race between institutions then you’re in the wrong sport.
  • “There is a huge gulf I think between those who get it and those who don’t. Probably the biggest misunderstanding is that some people think it is about software. They can buy a cellophane wrapped thing and that’s bim. It’s more about cultural change than it is about software and I think that’s not understood.”
  • “If you say right you’re going to be working in 3d, fully collaborative bim for big bits of the supply chain that would be a political issue. Small businesses in small towns will go to their local MP and say I can’t work for the government anymore because I haven’t got this bit of kit."
  • “We’ll work up slowly from nothing right the way through to fully collaborative. the expectation will be that the big players will support the smaller players in the supply chain. That’s what’s been happening in America.”

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