Thursday, 15 September 2011

A week promoting NBS Create and the National BIM Library

Tomorrow is our joint NBS-NLA BIM Conference. I've had a week in London leading up to this speaking with some of visiting key customers and some CAD vendors.
At the start of the week we had a special customer focus group session to look into our detailed designs for how office master and validate functionality will work in NBS Create. 9 or 10 NBS specialist users from some of the bigger practices shared their thoughts on how the new system will work best for them. Our developers will now spend time developing this functionality. The feedback was excellent and it was fantastic that so many key customers are willing to give up their time for free to help us develop our new product.

I also had a couple of hours with the well respected Revit blogger David Light from HOK. David, thanks for the tweet "Good to see #nbs create tool today, really liking the export to Cobie feature, specifications for the #bim generation!". David is also speaking at our conference tomorrow.
Finally, alongside members of the BIM Academy we have been speaking face to face with some of the main CAD Vendors to ensure that the has fantastic generic content across a number of different formats and not simply Revit Architecture and IFC. The pictures to the right were taken from the fantastic Bentley Systems headquarters in London - amazing offices.

So busy, busy, busy - exciting times. If you are attending the conference tomorrow, please say hello! It sold out 300 places in four hours, so BIM is deifinitely a topic of interest.

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