Tuesday, 4 October 2011

COBie Master Class from Bill East

I recently wrote an article touching on what the COBie data format was:

For those wanting to watch a master class from Bill East on COBie then I would highly recommend the youtube videos below. There is a series of five videos that are linked from the first one.

And a few screeengrabs from it:

Screengrab 1 - The digital model sure looks pretty!

Screengrab 2 - But where is the information about the valves and pipes?

Screengrab 3 - And the entire HVAC system is in a single room the size of the building!

Screengrab 4 - how do we turn all of this paper into rich digital information?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Stephen,
    In COBie, what constitutes a "facility"? Is there a concrete definition. Can a facility have more than one building i.e. a campus.
    Many Thanks