Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Visualisation of Well-Structured Data

The free "InMap" tool that is part of LinkedIn is pretty cool...
- inMap example within LinkedIn Labs

Click on the first screenshot below to see larger images...

All of my connections on LinkedIn
The orange people are those grouped around the NBS side of things
The blue people seem to be the UK BIM gang (lower down in purple) is the international BIM gang
...and on the edge of the visualisation are small clusters of connections with smaller correlations
Quite an interesting thing to have a play about with if anyone has a spare 10 minutes.

Within NBS Create we have a basic visualisation view that allows the user to visualise a particular system. I can only see this sort of visual user interface becoming more and more common as we all need to understand structured data in as easily as possible.
Visualise the structured information in your specification

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