Wednesday 1 August 2012

National BIM Library - User Day - Photographs

The write up from our first National BIM Library user day is now on our website:

My summary of the day was as follows...

Overall the day was fantastic. To get a range of BIM experts from all parts of the industry together in a room to discuss the big issues was a real pleasure. The message we took was that the National BIM Library is definitely on the right track, but that we shouldn't take our foot off the pedal.

If there was one theme of the day to conclude on it has to be the importance of collaboration. Some of the comments from the feedback sheets demonstrate this:
  • "Great day. A great mix of individuals representing all parts of the industry"
  • "Very well organised. Great venue. Lively discussion and a diverse areas of expertise"
  • "A really good mix of people who all had something to offer"
  • "Well structured. Fast paced (which is good) and a good mix of knowledgeable people."
  • "Lively discussion from people with diverse areas of expertise".

Some photographs from the day of some of the UK-BIM-Twitter-gang are below (around half of those participants seemed to be Twitter-ers)
@IanChapmanNBS takes down some points during the content session
@edwinbartlett makes some notes
@johnmyhill does likewise
@StewartGH1970 is deep in thought
@StefanMordueNBS discusses technical content
As part of the functionality session, @RahulShah258 presents his groups' thoughts
@studioklaschka has been helping out at many NBS events over the last decade
Not sure what this guy is saying though (@StephenHamilNBS)

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