Thursday, 14 April 2016

NBS National BIM Report 2016

Way back in 2011, when the UK Government's BIM strategy was just starting to be communicated, we decided to do a BIM survey and analyse the findings. Five years later in 2016, we are proud to have just published our sixth report. Looking through all six tells the story of the journey the UK has been through so far.

This blog post contrasts some of the 2016 results with the 2011 results to see some big changes in the industry.
Five years - a long time in BIM
BIM awareness from almost half of the industry never having heard of it being the hot topic in the industry
The primary tool for drawings and schedules production - the fall of AutoCAD - the rise of Revit, ArchiCAD and Vectorworks
(click for bigger picture)
In terms of key charts from the 2016 survey - it is slightly disappointing to see relatively low figures in terms of the use of the BIM Level-2 standards. However, it is expected that these figures will now have an upwards trend in future years.
Will one in three organisations be using PAS 1192-2 this time next year?
One fantastic chart to look at was the one below which shows that two out of three construction professionals is likely to look to NBS for information about BIM. As expected, another big source of information are colleagues and contacts at other organisations.
NBS - A trusted source of information on BIM
As with previous years, in addition to the findings, there are plenty of fascinating and informative articles and comment pieces within the report. Working with Adrian who puts this report together, I source this content through bumping into some really knowledgeable people when out and about with work. Two or three of these are pictured below...
The BIM Task Group's Adam Matthews discusses the EU BIM Task Group
Andrew Moulds from Mott MacDonald discusses the challenges in creating a BIM library
(and the NBS BIM object standard)
...and an article from Stefan Mordue NBS, explaining BIM through the Periodic Table of BIM
So - another super report this year - click below to go to the NBS website and download for free...

...and if you want to read the 2011 one that's there too.

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