Tuesday 4 May 2010

NBS Scheduler – 2010 software enhancements

NBS Scheduler is being sent to our Beta Testers this week and the 2010 version has a number of improvements based on customer feedback.

For more information on how to become an NBS Beta Tester for any of our products please see:

Enhancements to NBS Scheduler that will be delivered to all customers in August 2010 include:

1. Better integration with CAD packages
As with NBS Building, NBS Scheduler now comes with the NBS Annotator application. It is also possible to export to keynote format directly from NBS Scheduler as shown in figure 1 below.

Figure 1

2. Improved formatting of the published output for contract preliminaries
One or two customers reported glitches in the contract preliminaries for NBS Scheduler where words did not wrap correctly and in certain situations the status of clauses where not being respected. These issues are being addressed and figure 2 shows better wrapping of the text.

Figure 2

3. An indication of document completeness when publishing
NBS Building is known for its ability to act as a checklist and for the QA measures that warn you if the specification is not yet complete when you publish.

NBS Scheduler now also has the option for the user to be alerted if there are any suspected work items or clauses that are incomplete.

Figure 3

4. The ability to merge PDF documents into a single PDF
The ability to merge PDF documents into a single PDF has been added. This allows you to merge a custom cover page created in MS Word with your prelims, your schedule of work and any appendices such as door schedules into one single PDF.

Figure 4

5. The addition of a spell checker to the prelims module
The spell checking functionality from the schedule of works editor has now been extended to work for the prelims too.

Figure 5

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