Tuesday 25 May 2010

Annotating ArchiCAD models from NBS

Earlier this year I posted about how the NBS Annotator had been developed to be embedded in other software applications.

Over the last few months Graphisoft UK have been developing a plug-in that makes it possible for the NBS Annotator to work from inside of ArchiCAD.

Graphisoft have prepared a short video demonstrating this plug-in working that is displayed below:
(0.00 Introduction and benefits, 2.00 Overview of NBS Building, 5.50 Annotating the ArchiCAD BIM model)

I also include some screenshots from the movie below.
(This plug-in is not released yet - but stay tuned to this blog for further information.)

Accessing the Annotator directly from the ArchiCAD menu

Prior to issue, updating the annotations where they have been modified in the spec


  1. Stephen;

    On first glance, the Graphisoft plug-in appears to be quite impressively integrated. We are still discussing our best option for future single -source BIM adoption, and it is aspects like this one that may yet swing it towards ArchiCAD for us... Would you happen to know whether there could be any integration between ArchiCAD's inbuilt scheduling services and related NBS clauses?

  2. Simon Gilbert of Graphisoft UK3 June 2010 at 13:00

    Hi Richard,

    We would be very interested in understanding your requirements in more detail. Please contact me at the following email address.


    Simon Gilbert
    ArchiCAD Product Manager
    Graphisoft UK