Sunday 22 January 2012

National BIM Library - London Revit User Group (LRUG)

I had the extremely difficult task of following UK Chief Construction advisor Paul Morrell as the second presenter at the London Revit User Group last Wednesday. However, with assistance from BIM Academy's Drew Wiggett, the presentation seemed to go pretty well and the LRUG members seemed to be interested and asked plenty of questions at the end.

A selection of slides from the presentation below...

1. Why use the National BIM Library (NBL)? What are the key benefits?
2. When doing concept designs, it is possible to use very lightweight concept NBL objects to help develop the spaces and the user paths in the building.
 3. As the design develops the concept NBL objects may then be switched to more detailed objects that define the materials within them, the properties and their behaviour.
4. The detailed objects may then be developed into full proprietary objects with rich pre-populated property sets to help produce specification, construction and FM datasets... 
5. The second half of the presentation detailed ideas of how the objects in the CAD model and the specification model can be linked and how users would like to see these ideas be developed into useful tools.
In the pub afterwards a number of people mentioned that I was a "brave man" and probably the only person ever to have demonstrated ArchiCAD at a Revit User Group meeting. :)
Thanks to all of those who filled in the feedback sheets. This was really appreciated.

Top level findings from feedback sheets...
  1. An average answer of between 7-8/10 on the questions "How likely are you to use..." the NBL generic, proprietary objects and proposed plug-ins. I was really happy with this score considering that most of the audience had already invested time in creating their own objects.
  2. You want us to create the generic objects for the basics (walls, floors, doors, windows) and then create other objects such as sanitary ware, rooflights, floor coverings and at least some basic MEP.


  1. Thanks Stephen for this great initiative(NBL) and endless efforts to make this happen. Have you(NBS) published a document which lists which COBie parameters are required for each category (and whether TYPE or INSTANCE, in revit world)?
    As you know most of us have revit library already developed so having such a document could help us align revit library parameters with COBie parameters, when needed.
    I remember Drew mentioned that shared parameter file will be availalbe but a spreadsheet with Category/TYPE or INSTANCE would be very helpful.

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    1. [posted again with working hyperlink :)]

      See blog post below in response to your question:

      Also, thanks for the kind comments. Really appreciated,


  3. Thanks for the update, looks promising. I know it is something we are looking forward to in our office. Good to see that the whole design process is being considered with content for concept design being included too.