Sunday 5 August 2012

Newcastle-Gateshead Bridge Festival - Featuring ICE Bridges to Schools

Enjoyed a day out today at the Newcastle-Gateshead Bridge Festival. In particular the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) bridge making challenge. Some pictures below, also a big well done to the ICE staff for being so good...

Stop press (15/8) - Team-Little-Hamil won the runners-up prize:

Sixteen bits of paper, masking tape, a hole punch and some bolts - let the bridge building begin
Start with your paper straws and one day you'll be doing the next Tyne Bridge
The "Little-Hamils", is this the winning entry?
Test it carefully to destruction
Snap - I knew I should have added the steel bracing inside the top horizontal strut

Some real bridges. Tyne (1928), Swing (1876) and High Level (1849)

RIBA Sterling Prize winner - the Millennium Bridge (2000)

And then the heaven's opened - #NewcastleEndOfDays Part 2

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