Monday 1 July 2013

Singapore 48 Hour BIM Challenge - update 2

As part of the Singapore 48 hour BIM challenge we're giving a big focus to software development. After around 17 hours of non-stop coding progress has been pretty good in terms of writing the code and testing it with prototype models.

A few screenshots below demonstrating progress:

1. Generation of IFC directly from NBS Create
The first big development has been around the generation of IFC directly from the objects and property sets in NBS Create.

This is shown in the screenshots below. An external wall is specified using NBS, this includes the key products (blocks, insulation and bricks) and the key property values (recycled content, thickness, U-values. And then this is translated into an IFC type object. Within the design-tool the designer may then substitute a generic wall for the specific wall. We do have technology similar that helps create National BIM Library objects - but doing this from NBS Create would be really nice.
Specify in NBS Create
Generate IFC type objects
2. Import of property sets from NBS Create
The second development allows linked objects in the design model to have their property sets updated live from their corresponding object in the NBS Create specification. The screenshots below show this in action...
I can see the geometry - but where is the information?
The information can be populated in NBS Create with the help of expert technical guidance
Select which objects you want to update
Hey presto - the "i" in BIM appears
I'll probably do a video demo of both of these developments in action tomorrow once we have tidied things up a bit. We'll also be using both parts of the technology in the actual BIM for the competition tomorrow as it develops from a concept model with spaces into a model with a little more detail in.

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