Wednesday 3 July 2013

Singapore 48 Hour BIM Challenge - update 4

The software development Big Push
The fourth and final update from me from the Singapore 48 hour BIM challenge.

The time is after midnight and into the last couple of hours and the NBS work is coming to a close.

The NBS contribution centred on the authoring of specification content and live software development.

However, before looking at this in a little more detail, the video below is probably my favourite thing of the 48 hours. What started off as one software developer from NBS at the start of 48 hours turned into seven mid-way through the second day (pictured to the right). The video below shows the xBIM IFC viewer embedded in NBS Create. The IFC model and the NBS Create specification are working side-by-side linking geometry and specification in one application.

...and a fuller report below...

1. Creating content
The NBS Create specification system was used to author a number of the BIM objects. The example shown in Figure 1 shows the specification of the Green Roof. Bespoke software was then written to convert this to an IFC type before being imported in the design model. Figure 2 shows this Green Roof with system properties and material build-up ready to be added to the main roof structure. All generated BIM content was to National BIM Library authoring standards (classification, naming convention, defined property-sets).
(click on images below for larger images)
Figure 1 – Authoring BIM objects using NBS Create
Figure 2 – The generated BIM object in the design model via IFC
As a low environmental impact was required, the project specification took this into consideration including:
Plants specified that are drought, salt and shade tolerant are locally native species;

  • The lowest NOx emissions chosen for the boilers; and
  • The procurement of wood managed in accordance with international agreements such as the Convention on International, Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora (CITES) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), with Chain of Custody/ Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

2. Specification into the model
The NBS Create system already links to the design model at a database and an object level. Additional software development took place over the 48 hours to take this link further down to a property level. Figure 3 shows the specification of doorset performance in NBS Create. Figure 4 then shows the import of these properties into the design model. Differences are highlighted to the user and these modified properties can then be imported and displayed in schedules.
Figure 3 – Specifying performance in NBS Create
Figure 4 – Importing the specification into the design model for scheduling
3. Model into the specification
One final big software development initiative was to embed the IFC exported from the design model into the specification software. This allowed the design to be used as a navigator for the specification. Figure 5 shows that the NBS Create specification system has the IFC model embedded to the left of the application. By double clicking on the objects – the corresponding specification opens in the editor.
Figure 5 – Embedded IFC model driving the specification system
All IFC work used the xBIM software component developed by Professor Steve Lockley from BIM Academy.

...and finally, magnificent work by @Clare_Watson and Ellie for all the blogging and videos and pictures and tweets over on the team's official blog -

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