Thursday 22 August 2013

...and the Construction Footy League is go

The Construction Footy Leagues Fantasty Football has completed its first week.

I'm sad to report it is very much middle-of-the-table-mediocrity for BIM Model United. A combination of Arsenal's unexpected home defeat to Villa and the "Special one" deciding Lukaku isn't that special and leaving him firmly on the bench twice conspired against me. Working out what I do with three Chelsea players the week before a trip to Old Trafford is the big decision now.
BIM Model United FC
The league table looks like this...
The league table
Top, top, top of the league is last year's winner Matthew McCarter. His tactics clearly seem to be to play as few defenders as possible as they tend to get the least points...
1st place after week one - The Wombles - Matthew McCarter
Bottom of the league is NBS training manager Paul Swaddle. He'd gone for the same 3-4-3 formation - but star picks such as Garrido from Norwich, Sissoko from the title-chasing-toon-army and some midfielder from either West Ham/Aston Villa (who I cannot quite make out from the picture below) surprisingly failed to really bring the points in. :)
36th place after week one - FIM - Paul Swaddle
The only way is up for Paul. The only way is down for Matt.

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  1. This post is just pure jealousy and I shall see you at the end of the season :) (That said, will definitely be making a transfer for Wk 2!)