Monday 5 August 2013

Burgess Architectural Products and BIM

A couple of months ago I blogged about the new National BIM Library feature that allows manufacturers the ability to display their BIM objects within their own website.

This feature ensures that all BIM objects and statistics come from a single source. It also ensures that they are managed centrally in a single location - any modifications will be applied to both the content on the manufacturer's website and National BIM Library.

It's nice to see the first few manufacturers adding these pages to their websites now to maximise the exposure of their objects. One particularly strong example is with Burgess Architectural Products Ltd. Screenshots from their site are below:
Main website -
BIM sub-site -

Figure one below shows the Burgess AP home page. Their web designers have included a new tab on the home page for the BIM objects and also a small area to the left of the page.
Figure 1 - Burgess AP Homepage
Figure two below shows the new BIM area of the website. The BIM object panel has been included by adding the snippet of code from the National BIM Library website (for technical help see this post).
The BIM mini-website for Burgess AP
Figure 3 below shows the exact same objects on the Burgess AP area of the National BIM Library website within

Figure 3 - Burgess AP on the National BIM Library

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