Thursday 21 November 2013

Computer Construction Awards 2013 - Team of the Year to NBS

Last night we won our first ever Construction Computing Award.

There was something a little bit special about this particular award as it was for our Research and Development team back at the office in Newcastle that I have been a part of since 1999.
CCA "Hammer" Team of the Year award celebrated by plenty of NBS on stage
The award ceremony last night was a fantastic evening. We didn’t invite any clients for this particular evening and just used it as a “thank you” to 10 or 11 of our colleagues for their hard work over recent years on our digital products. In the photograph above are boys and girls from our customer centre, HR, software development, QA, sales teams etc…

The NBS R+D Team itself is broken down into smaller teams of which I do my best to look after Interface Design, QA, Beta Testing and NBS Labs. Also photographed above is my colleague John Henderson who looks after the software development teams. Not at the event was our exec-director boss Richard Watson - but he monitored the good news closely on twitter as it unfolded.
The award
...and also to say, a big "well done" also to our #bimGeordie friends from kykloud (North Shields) and 4projects (Sunderland) on winning awards on the night too - great stuff. ...and thanks also to Pam for inviting me onto the Autodesk table as a guest - originally I wasn't attending the night so that was very much appreciated.

Update - thanks for all of the "likes" on linkedin!

And the official photograph...
Everyone all dressed up
Original "before the event" post below...

This evening is the Computer Computing Awards 2013 (The Hammers).

At NBS we are up for 5 awards. Fingers crossed we win at least one. If you are there - please come over and say hello.
  1. One to Watch Company (NBS)
  2. Team of the Year (NBS R+D Team)
  3. BIM Product of the Year (NBS National BIM Library)
  4. Product of the Year (NBS Create)
  5. Company of the Year (NBS)
So far this year, our record at award ceremonies is:
  1. Building Award - 1 nomination
  2. CN Awards - 2 nominations - won both
  3. Construction Excellence - award to team for BuildQatarLive
  4. BE2Awards - 3 nominations - won one
  5. CC Awards - 5 nominations - won team of the year!

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