Wednesday 24 December 2014

National BIM Library - Getting bigger and bigger

Looking back through blog posts from the end of 2013 I noticed one looking at all of the manufacturers that had joined the NBS National BIM Library that year.

National BIM Library manufacturers - December 2013
One year on now in December 2014, it's fantastic to see that the number of manufacturers has exploded (now it's tricky to put all of the logos on a single screenshot).

National BIM Library manufacturers - December 2014
It's been a great year for National BIM Library, in particular around content developments. Three things worth mentioning:

1. The growth in number of manufacturers in the service
As above. See link below for a full list:
and if you know a manufacturer that isn't on the list - please send them the following web address:

2. The investment to provide 100s of generic objects for service engineers
Early in the design process, it is likely that generic objects will be used. This year we released a fantastic library of free-to-use objects for service engineers.
MEP objects
3. The publication of the NBS BIM Object Standard
The industry is crying out for consistently authored BIM objects.
This year we published our BIM Object Standard. This allows construction professionals to create their own objects to the same authoring rules as NBS use. It also means that manufacturers with their own authoring teams can produce their own objects for hosting on National BIM Library.
To download for free, please see:

...and this is all in addition to the new website we released and the enhancements to our BIM plug-in.

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