Tuesday 2 December 2014

RIBA Building Contracts – The NBS digital tool

Last month saw the launch of new building contracts from the RIBA. They are the RIBA Domestic and Concise building contracts that can be purchased in paper or digitally. The launch event was at 66 Portland Place and there was also plenty of interest in the contracts at the recent Guerilla Tactics event for small practices.

This blog post looks, in particular, at the NBS digital tool that can be used to prepare these contracts.
Generate your building contract online
Read the guidance, view a sample contract and then start preparing one for your project
NBS users will be familiar with drop down values and synchronised technical guidance
Main clauses from the contract conditions may be revised where required
A professional-looking building contract is generated in PDF form - this can be issued to the employer and the contractor
A simply, clearly laid out contract in plain language
- http://contracts.thenbs.com

Photographs from the launch events are below...

Cross, Sinclair, Henderson and Udom on the stage at the RIBA

Every seat is taken for Guerilla Tactics

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