Sunday 1 February 2015

Enhancements to the NBS Plug-in for Autodesk Revit

Last year we re-launched our NBS National BIM Library website. We rebuilt the site from scratch and from the start our aim was to ensure that it was a digital platform that could be used on any device. This of course is good news for our free-to-download Revit plug-in which allows users to search and browse NBS BIM content before dragging-and-dropping objects into their designs.

Rather than lots of words in this blog-post, I thought I'd just drop in ten screenshots that show how well the plug-in connects the design model with lots and lots of fantastic information from NBS.
Our plug-ins can be downloaded from our NBS National BIM Library website
The new responsive design allows the same website to look fantastic when viewed in a thin side-panel
As a design progresses, National BIM Library generic objects may be swapped for manufacturer objects
Objects to the NBS Object Standard have IFC and COBie properties - these are exposed in the data grid in the plug-in
NBS subscribers can benefit from the NBS technical guidance from their subscription that matches the selected object
The NBS technical guidance contains maintained hyperlinks to the Construction Information Service for further related knowledge
Associated NBS project specifications may be viewed - select the object and see the corresponding spec
NBS project specification clauses may be associated from Revit system objects, families and materials
A browse and search facility allows the user to select the corresponding clause in the specification
When specification clause links become broken, they can be fixed using the plug-in
The NBS plug-in is a free download for Autodesk Revit. It can be found at the website below:

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