Monday 23 February 2015

Harry Potter Studio Tour

My kids are currently into the Harry Potter books. I must say, I am guilty of falling asleep (in parts) watching the movies, but I strongly recommend the studio tour. Most people that browse my blog are into design and construction - and purely from this angle - the set design, the models and set constructions are extremely impressive.

Photographs below - click for bigger...
Borat's wife from Les Miserables with some of the Potter stars
After an introduction in a cinema, the screen retracts to reveal the Great Hall
Original costumes of Dumbledore, Snape and Samuel Johnson from Blackadder III
Winged boars protecting the gates to Hogwarts
Dumbledore's study
Actual-size house
Who needs to film on location when you can build your own street?
Fantastic pencil drawings and paper models (from 2000 so mainly hand-drawn - not level-2 BIM) 
Plan and elevation for Diagon Alley - I imagine that the NBS spec is in the cupboard somewhere and didn't make it onto the wall display
Not sure if these designs will  comply with Approved Documents A of the Building Regulations
Some fantastic paper models
Some of the conceptual artwork
Absolutely incredible 1:24 scale model of Hogwarts - the work of a design and construction team of 40 people
More on the Harry Potter studio tour

Harry Potter was also filmed on location including the North East - Durham Cathedral and Alnwick Castle

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