Tuesday 8 March 2016

How NBS fits into your BIM workflow - Video

As part of the launch of our new brand and our new website - we now have a dedicated place on our website explaining how NBS products and services can support you within your BIM workflow.

As part of this, we have just produced a three minute video as a short introduction.

What I think is particularly nice about this video is that the story is told from our own building project that is currently under way. This is a genuine model of our building. The content and software examples are genuine. Some stills from the video are explained below.
At an early stage, client information requirements can be defined in the NBS BIM Toolkit
Generic objects from the National BIM Library can help generate concept designs
Specifications can be started early and then developed through the timeline using NBS Create
Relevant standards and regulations are linked to BIM objects and specifications within the Construction Information Service
Product specifications from over 650 manufacturers may be added using NBS Plus
The NBS Plug-in for Autodesk Revit synchronises the model and the specification
Information is developed through the project timeline
The connectivity between the solutions is what makes them so effective
To find out more about our BIM solutions - please see:

Thanks to chartered architects JDDK who have led the building project

Thanks also (again) to Soluis who partnered with us to produce our third engaging BIM video (previous 1, previous 2).

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