Friday 10 June 2016

An introduction to NBS BIM Toolkit - Video

As part of the development of our new website we wanted to produce a set of videos that introduce some of the NBS offerings in three minutes.

The first of these was the BIM Workflow video we released in March.

The second of these was the introduction to NBS Create we released in April.

A few weeks ago in May we released our third video. This one tells the story of the BIM Toolkit highlighting the key benefits of this tool to owner/operators, the design/construction team and also construction manufacturers.

Please watch it below - Some commentary to the story is also provided below the video in this blog post.

The story behind the video again is from the point of view of the current refurbishment work that is taking place on our building in Newcastle (project led by JDDK architects).

The key objectives of BIM Level-2
The standards and tools that define BIM Level 2
Helping clients define who is doing what and when to meet their information requirements
Define information requirements and responsibilities and export to help create EIRs and BEPs
A tool for project teams to collaborate online when producing information in response to the EIR/BEP
A huge library of free-to-use classifications and LOD/LOI guidance illustrations across all sectors
Quickly reference these LOD/LOI items from an online digital plan of work
Helping manufacturers on their BIM Level-2 journey and placing their products in front of the decision makers on major projects
Populate your product data sheets using templates as a 'step one' on a BIM journey 
Support in placing this well structured data into parametric 3D objects that will be used by the largest of architectural and engineering practices
Find out more on all of the technical concepts at
A big thank you once again to our video partner Soluis - top video again - big thanks in particular to Laura for her work over the last few months.

To explore and start using BIM Toolkit please visit

Please keep an eye out on this blog and for some pretty nice BIM Toolkit enhancements coming soon too! They've been pretty well received during recent customer visits - so looking forward to them going live.

To watch the video, please check it out on our website below...

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