Sunday 12 June 2016

The Periodic Table of BIM

One educational resource that seems to have caught the attention of the BIM community (world-wide) is the Periodic Table of BIM.
The Periodic Table of BIM
This is the work of Stefan, Richard and Robin at NBS and it's a beautifully elegant way of providing an index/table of contents into the subject matter of Building Information Modelling.

At NBS, we cover many areas of the built environment within the guidance of our specification products. For example, before specifying a lighting system an engineer may want to research the latest information on interior lighting or emergency lighting or automatic controls. Equally, an architect may want research fire, acoustic and environmental performance before specifying doors.
General guidance available within NBS Create
When providing guidance on BIM on, we wanted to have a more engaging way of leading construction professionals into this key topic than a (slightly dull) table of contents page such as:

Building Information Modelling
  1. BIM Strategy
  2. Foundations
    1. Framework
    2. Common methods
    3. Procurement route
  3. Collaboration
    1. Culture and behaviour
    2. Process etc... instead, the Periodic Table of BIM was created. An engaging way to support construction professionals through the topic of building information modelling.
The key topics around the subject of building information modelling
If you are interested - please see the dedicated area of our website:

To jump to a key topic, click the areas that interests you below...

Finally, when out and about on the road I have heard that a few people have printed the periodic table of BIM out and put it on the wall of their practice. We'd be keen to see photographs of this - if anyone wants to take part - please use the hashtag #BIMTable - I'll update this blog post if we get any pictures through ;)

- Download a PDF of this free resource - print off and stick to the wall

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