Thursday 20 July 2017

Watch the presentations from Autodesk University London

One things Autodesk University do extremely well is post videos of the classes online for the wider global community to benefit from.

It's really nice to see the two classes I was involved with at AU London are now online.

If you are interested in them, please click below to watch...

Introducing Autodesk Forge and its role in BIM workflows: A success story with NBS
Learn about what the Autodesk Forge platform is capable of and how you can benefit from it. In this session Brian Roepke will introduce some of the features within Forge and explain how this powerful, cloud-based software platform can be the build block for your next tool or product. Dr Stephen Hamil will then demonstrate how NBS have utilized the power of Forge to allow coordinated models and specifications to be viewed through the web browser. Live demonstrations of practical customer examples will also be shown from UK architecture and engineering BIM projects.
Class 1 - Presenting cloud opportunities with Autodesk and BDP
Practical examples of how to develop and coordinate information on a BIM project
This class will present how project teams can collaborate to develop information on a BIM project. We will initially look at setting up a plan of work to give clarity on which team members are delivering what information and when. Following this we will look at how designers can develop their designs using standardised BIM objects in Revit. Practical examples will then be given on how to link these objects digitally to the associated specification to better coordinate this information and reduce risk. We will finish by exploring the role of the cloud and big data in future workflows and show practical examples of how the Forge platform can accelerate this. Stephen was part of the team that developed the UK government’s BIM Level 2 standards and tools. As director of research and innovation at NBS, he has been fundamental in developing the products that led to NBS being the first UK Autodesk Solution Associate in 2016.
Class 2 - looking at the BIM workflow
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