Wednesday 24 October 2018

An introduction to NBS Create

At our recent 'NBS Discover' events, I presented an update on our recent product developments.

NBS Building, NBS Create and NBS Chorus were presented.

Speaking to customers during the event, many commented that the NBS Create presentation was useful. In particular:

  1. How it contrasted the content structure between NBS Building and NBS Create. This aspect of the presentation looked at how NBS Create has a home for each individual system. The advantages of this include:
    1. The provision of a natural location for system performance content/completion that does not exist in traditional CAWS based NBS. This allows a level of clarity for jobs with contractor design portions.
    2. The ability to specify all related products within a system in one location without jumping between multiple work sections. For example a ceiling system can be specified in its entirety without going to different sections for the frame, the insulation, the fire stopping etc...
  2. How the strict system and product based structure maps extremely well to the modelling that takes place in the design tool. For example, a layered partition (system) and its material structure (products) or an MEP system with its connected families (products).
To watch the video sequences that we have put together following the event, click play below...

All video presentations from the event can be viewed at the page below:

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