Wednesday 24 October 2018

NBS Case Studies

At our recent UK 'NBS Discover' events we had customer presentations from around the country.

There were presentations from small, medium and large practices who told their 'digital story' in terms of delivering architectural and engineering services. In amongst these presentation there were some nice examples of how the use of NBS supports their workflows.

The practices that featured were JDDK, David Miller Architects, Lovelock Mitchell Architects, Ryder Architecture, BDP and IBI Group.

I attended each of the events and the highlight of each was listening to these stories of how the NBS content and software helps organisations deliver fantastic projects. In particular:

  1. How drawings can be accurately annotated and linked to the specification to clearly communicate detailed design
  2. How the NBS National BIM Library resources (object standard, shared parameter files, templates) can be utilised to give large and small practices a fantastic free resource to support their practice BIM policies
  3. How customers have worked with NBS providing feedback every 2-4 weeks as we develop our latest 'next generation' collaborative, cloud specification tool NBS Chorus

To view these case studies please see the link below:

Select the thumbnail images within the article to see the larger versions of the presentation slides.

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