Saturday, 2 March 2013

BDOnline's 100 most useful architectural tweeters

Delighted to make the top 100 "most useful architectural tweeters" as announced by BDOnline yesterday.

BDOnline's Anna Winston explains the reasons behind compiling the top 100 list...
"There are more archi-tweeters than ever - so many that it can be hard to sort through and work out who is truly worth following. So we launched this year’s #BDTwitter100 nominations with the aim of both updating our listings of the best Tweeters and uncovering the key members of some of the communities of specialists that have emerged on the platform."
And why Twitter is useful in the first place...
"The beauty of this is that anyone can jump into the conversation. You don’t need to find a specialist forum - but finding the right tweeters can help, which is where we hope our top 10s for education, sustainability, bim, heritage and education tweeters will help."
Anyway, nice to be recognised...
...and in the reverse-alphabetical-order presentation of the list I find myself sandwiched between Ramboll's Graham Stewart and _Space Group's Rob Charlton. Not a position I can recall ever being in before I must say... :)
BDOnline Top 100 Architectural Tweetererers

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