Friday 8 March 2013


Infographic (or for a BIMBingo point should I say) BIMfoGraphic from our National BIM Report below...
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(PS: Fabulous work again from the NBS design team on this - nice one Jon and Emma!)


  1. Directly and indirectly, the answers still show a very big lack of knowledge of BIM.

    65% still aren't confident in their knowledge, just less than half aren't aware of the levels, and ~30% don't even know if they're using IFC/COBie or not... Not knowing this basic BIM terminology really means you have to take the rest of the results with a very large pinch of salt.

    Considering it has only been defined in the past few months (and PAS1192-2 released mere days ago) I find the 42% on Level 2 very suspect. Also PAS1192-2 gives the yet to be fully released Uniclass2 as a requirement for Level 2, so technically no UK company can even be at Level 2.

    The 8% on Level 3 BIM is clearly a false statistic because it doesn't even have a definition apart from vague references to some ISO standards! The practical implementation of Level 3 BIM is many years away.

    Of course this BIM survey is a great initiative if only to show us that so many don't know what BIM actually involves.

  2. Great reply Anon. 100% agree - in fact my thoughts in my blog post on the report echo'd yours:
    Quote - "The second chart below is particularly interesting. As the UK Gov defines it, what level of BIM have you worked to (for those aware of this)? I wonder if anyone is truly working to level-2 BIM as the classifications, information structures and software capabilities (in my humble opinion) are still being developed for the 2016 vision. If the 8% working to level-3 BIM could leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post I'd be interested in their thoughts."