Thursday 7 March 2013

NBS presentations at ecobuild

At ecobuild this week I have been doing live software presentations of two of our products, National BIM Library and NBS Create.
The RIBA Village - presentations from NBS every 30 minutes

1. National BIM Library

This time last year the National BIM Library had not even been launched. It is amazing to see how far it has developed in just one year. The screenshots below shows how the focus of the National BIM Library will always be on the standardised information within the objects.

Update - A video of this presentation is now on our website:

Fig 1 - Building designed using some of the 500+ National BIM Library objects
Fig 2 – Example of the standardised information structures

Fig 3 – Example of recent work for the BIM Task Group labs area on information structures

2. NBS Create

NBS Create has revolutionised the way that specifications are thought of and how they are developed. The screenshots below show how by creating an object-based specification system, it is possible to coordinate with the equivalent objects in the 3D design model and also develop the specification content through the project.

Update - The video of this session is now on NBS TV...
Fig 4 – Aligning objects in the design model and the specification allows for clever functionality
Fig 5 – Specify early in the project timeline in terms of system performance requirements
Fig 6 – As the project develops then specify each individual product
Fig 7 – Within the information structure, add your own practice notes
Fig 8 – With respect to drawings and schedules are required, coordination with the specification is now easy
Thanks to Twitter you get all of the pictures afterwards that the twittererers have taken immediately

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