Wednesday 20 March 2013

National BIM Library - Promotional Video

Our promotional video is now live:

Please click "play" below to watch it - remember to expand it to full screen.

It looks fantastic and emphasises the key benefits of using a standard library of BIM objects.
A simple yet beautifully designed building
How BIM can be used to sell a dream to a client/future occupier
But more importantly - how information (such as COBie) can be extracted if well-stuctured objects are used
Endorsed by the biggest software vendors in world construction
NBS provides the objects and the expert construction knowledge. But construction professionals produce fantastic buildings. Many thanks to the following for their help in showing the power of

David Light (Case Inc) and Cara Di Piero (HOK) for the building the NBS Lakeside Restaurant with our objects and all of the guys at Soluis for the fantastic movie. I couldn't speak any higher of these experts in their areas.
To find out more about BIM see -
To start using the free National BIM Library see -


  1. That's a pretty polished product you've got there team!

  2. NBS spec links with revit 2014 now????

  3. Working on it currently - we are aiming for the next update to be for 2012, 2013 and 2014.

    Keep an eye on this blog.