Friday, 14 June 2013

Crunch Time

People may want to check out the new BIM website in town - BIM Crunch has many interviews, article and videos from those involved at the cutting edge of BIM.

I've contributed a couple of articles now:

1. Three COBie Conundrums
An article that looks at three big challenges around creating COBie data drops (a) object structure, (b) software functionality to help and (c) technical guidance to help fill objects with information.
COBie Conundrums
2. BIM and Automation
An article that looks at how well-structured data and clever software allows the user to get their computers to do some of the more mundane tasks quicker and more accurately than traditional means.
BIM and Automation
I also make a brief appearance in the video below. Incredibly I manage to use the word "service" three times in one sentence. "It's not just servicing architects, but servicing service engineers". 33% of the words in that sentence - not an easy thing to do :)

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