Wednesday 5 June 2013

Specification and model in single PDF

Every now and again I see something interesting and want to blog about it...

Exhibiting opposite us at BIM Show Live this year was a company called Bluebeam. One feature of their software is to perform 3D extracts from a model and put these into interactive PDFs. Sasha Reed (@alohasasha) from Bluebeam and I were chatting about how this could work in terms of exporting information from a specification and model and combining into a single PDF. The result would be a single output interactively showing the data that you wish to express in 3D. The big advantage being that the end user would be able to view all of this in a PDF viewer without installing any other specialist BIM software.

I could imagine that this would be useful in a number of situations, for example when demonstrating design and specification intent to a client or when issuing Architects Instructions where you clearly want to show what has been revised in an interactive format.

Anyway - some pictures and a PDF download below...

- Download the PDF and have a play
(note - requires either the Bluebeam PDF viewer or Adobe Reader - it doesn't work in the native Google Chrome PDF viewer or hand held device)
A single PDF with extract from specification and model
The system outline clause from NBS Create
Rotate, spin, pan and zoom the model extract without additional software
Embed pre-defined views to communicate your message

Interrogate the data in the model
Change the visualisation options
If anyone is interested in this technology - please drop Sasha a tweet - I'm sure she'd be pleased to hear from you - @alohasasha

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