Tuesday 4 June 2013

The business case for BIM - what do manufacturers need to know?

On the afternoon of 18th June at The Building Centre London there will be a BIM event for manufacturers.

This event demystifies BIM by outlining level 2 BIM and how it is achieved, presents the business case for BIM by outlining the opportunities created, shows the real return on investment for BIM adopters and illustrates why everyone, regardless of sector, should be getting on board with BIM now.

It is being run by the Construction Product Association (CPA) in association with NBS and RIBA Journal.

Delegate places are going quickly - so if you are a construction product manufacturer and want to know more about BIM you can reserve your place at the website below:
- Conference Online

The list of speakers includes:
The speakers
Delegates will also be able to pick a free copy of the joint NBS and CPA publication, BIM for the terrified, which has been written for senior decision makers in the product manufacturing sector.

Following the event there will be a drinks reception sponsored by NBS National BIM Library. The National BIM Library has over 400 generic standard BIM objects that are free to download. Over 2013 a large number of construction manufacturers have now signed up to have their products authored as BIM objects and hosted on the website.
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  1. Interesting event! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it in person. But I would be interested in the mentioned joint NBS and CPA publication, "BIM for the terrified". Is it available via the RIBA book shop? Thank you for your reply! Atb Konrad Stuhlmacher

  2. Konrad,

    I am not 100% sure yet. I'll find out and post details on how to get a copy.