Thursday 13 June 2013

Our new neighbours - Moshi Monsters

RIBA Enterprises have new neighbours in the third and fourth floor of our London offices. A company called Moshi Monsters.

Anyone with kids between the ages of five and twelve will know Moshi Monsters - sort of a Facebook for kids.

Their office is so cool. Instead of carpet, it's got astro-turf and the area you'd normally find reception has a table tennis table and (of course) a dress made from toys. In addition to stairs between floors - there is also a banana slide.
Astroturf, ping pong and a dress made from toys in a glass bowl
I did a little search on the Internet and found a nice little video review on the Telegraph website:
- Is this the best office in Britain?

What is also interesting is the following article on the Guardian website:
- Who says print is dead?

It looks at how the success of Moshi Monsters online has actually created demand for a complimentary (very cleverly done) monthly printed comic. At a time when the Dandy and Desperate Dan has died and people blame the Internet - this is a really interesting development.

I'm sure there is some analysis that could be done to look at our own printed publications (NBS Binders, RIBA Product Selector directory, RIBA Plan of Work) and look at how hard copy compliments the online digital information. But maybe for another day - I'll just dream about sliding down the Moshi Monster slide in this post :)

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