Thursday 19 April 2012

Alan Gordon Partridge and Star Wars

Another light-hearted fun post...

For all the 100s of articles written about the benefit of structured data being used in many ways for greater efficiency, this 140 character comedy tweet from Mr Alan Partridge seemed to sum the principles up quite succinctly. It also made me chuckle...

And our linkedin group has certainly seen its share of fierce RVT vs IFC debates over the last six months.

My personal view is that working with software APIs direct and interoperability through a standard open data format are both critical and have their place. I'd definitely say the glass is much more than half full - and not half empty.

But what has made me smile during this debate is how Star Wars has managed to randomly rear its head in a number of posts.
NBL-Star-Wars - By S J Hamil

Update (20/04): Great tweet in reply from @Costain_BIM...
... @StephenHamilNBS Star Wars #BIM ? That'll be headed up by COBie1 Kinobe

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