Monday 2 April 2012

Passionate about BIM

When writing summary information for conferences or introducing other speakers the words "passionate about BIM" often spring to mind.

But then my thoughts always turn to this David Mitchell comedy sketch that lingers at the back of mind and I rephrase.
(I *think* this is safe for work)

Stephen Hamil - Passionate about BIM :)


  1. Only slightly dodgy :-)

    Over use of such an emotive word can cause it to become a term of derision.

    A couple of companies I have trained recently have introduced me to their "BIM man" or in one case "BIM boy" which amused me, and them, greatly.

  2. My theory:

    If you know more about BIM than you know about your wife; your entitled to say your passionate about BIM ;-)

  3. I refer to the guys in my office as BIMbo's.