Saturday 28 April 2012

Google Plus and Blogger

One of the great things about Twitter is the ability to pick up tips from others.

One blog post I saw promoted on Twitter recently was from Pauley Creative's Pritish Patel:

When it comes to search engine optimisation, everyone knows the basic tips of (a) writing strong content, (b) having meaningful page titles, headings, (c) getting other respected sites to link to your sites etc... But what was particularly interesting about this post was that it was looking at the trust of the authorship.

It appears that Google may be returning pages higher in their search returns depending on the previous history of the person that authored it. And they do this through the Google Plus identification.

To link your Google Plus ID to a web page you have written or a blog you own is simple. A good help page on how to do this is below:

You then have to wait two or three days and it works. One additional nice benefit of this is also that the author name and image is associated with the search results too. A couple of examples below...

All of this is great, but some have asked the question "isn't this just Google being a bit cheeky and trying to pinch the Twitter/ Linkedin/ Facebook market through their dominance of the search engine world?"

My personal view is that linking authorship with articles with search results is a good thing. But with Google+, from what I have seen to date, Google have some way to go to beat Twitter/ Linkedin/ Facebook. Google are best when they are being innovative - with search, with online storage and documentation and analytics. Where they enter a market that already has fantastic, established players - they don't always do so well.

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