Saturday 27 October 2012

BIM Bingo - The free essential resource pack

BIMBingo n. A game of chance in which each player has a card printed displaying the 10 slides of BIM. These are marked when the respective slides are shown in any presentation on the subject. The first player to mark an agreed number of slides is the winner. Presenters can also have their material assessed for a BIMBingo score.
''Dave, I see we are both attending the IOCP conference next month, shall we partake in a game of BIMBingo?"
"What a great presentation that was! It had a BIMBingo score of 8."

The 10 slides of BIM are fully explained in the following blog post:

The free resource pack is below. This may be distributed royalty-free.
Large A4 playing card
Eight cards on one sheet of A4

Thanks to @DerekMurray1975 for the Bingo card suggestion (who played this for real whilst chairing the BIM Summit Qatar):
And thanks also to Russell, who pulled the card together in his spare time yesterday...


  1. BIM Bullshit Bingo is an idea stolen from the back of the Hitch Hikers Guide to BIM - see

    But I do like the cards ;0)

  2. Alan,

    That's the first time I have seen your Hitch Hikers Guide to BIM. I like the point you make about there being a huge amount of free information on BIM out there and that people should look at this before spending serious money on the subject.

    For those wanting to read Alan's (cadalot) guide see the link below:
    - Hitch Hiker's Guide to BIM

    The BIM Bingo is on page 45 of the document and contains a number of bingo cards with phrases such as "Cradle to Cradle", "Lonely BIM" and "Data drops".

    Finally, on a related topic, Wikipedia actually has a page for Buzzword Bingo - so let's benchmark and strategise this scalable milestone then drop it down the user-centric pipeline to see if there is enough bandwidth.