Monday 1 October 2012

Ten Years

Today is ten years since the Construction Informatics Research Centre [2] moved from Newcastle University down to be a part of RIBA Enterprises (RIBAE). As a research centre we had worked with RIBAE to develop the software for their NBS products (most notably SpecMan, Product Selector Plus and CIS). This move however brought us into the RIBAE family.

It's been a busy ten years. A few nostalgic bits and bobs below:
We did a little Flash movie to mark our exit

The newly formed "NBS Informatics" team - 12 still here - 4 up at BIM Academy
"When I grow up I want to be NBS Create"
Good old "F10" - in every design
How the CDs of the software releases were packaged up
A pool table in the office for good behaviour 

It has been known for a duck to make it into a product or two as an Easter Egg
The old building

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